About Doctors


Dr. Park and Dr. (Park) Clark are female doctors. The doctors had rigorous medical and health professional training and passed the requirements and examinations of today's medical schools and the boards with high standards.  They have proper licenses to practice in California.


They have successfully helped patients with various health and skin conditions and from infants to the elderly for over twenty five combined years. Patients come from all over the East Bay, Peninsula and South Bay areas for unique and combinations of treatments Dr. Park and Dr. (Park) Clark provide.

Dr. Park, Yooyuen (PhD., L Ac., M. S., B. A. & L E) - Acupuncturist

PhD. (Doctor of Philosophy in Oriental Medicine, California)

L. Ac. (California State Licensed Acupuncturist*, English Acupuncture Board Examination)

M. S. (Master of Science, Academy of Chinese Culture and Science, California)

B. A. (University of California, Berkeley, California)
L. E.  (California State Licensed Esthetician)

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Certification and

other numerous certifications


*State of California Requires the California Acupuncture License for all acupuncturists practice in California.  An acupuncturist with National Acupuncture License is not qualified to practice in California.

Dr. Park, Yooyuen is a female acupuncturist, compassionate health professional. She listens carefully to patients' symptoms to find out what exactly her patients need. She chooses the best and the safest needles, products and tools for her patients. She enjoys seeing her patients get better and seeing results.

Her regular session includes acupuncture and some of various therapies and tools as needed for effective and rapid reliefs.  Additional fees may apply.

As an acne patient when she was growing up, Dr. Park understands how patients feel about their skin conditions.  She prefers natural and modern methods for her patients and recommends authentic professional products to her patients.

Please consult with your primary physician before begin any treatment.

Dr. Clark (Park), Yoojin (D. C., I. I. E., C Ad. & B. A.) - Chiropractor

D. C. (Doctor of Chiropractic, California)

I. I. E. (Industrial Injury Evaluator, California)

C Ad. (Certified Addictionologist, Florida and Nevada)
B. A.  (Psychology, New York University, New York)

Licensed X-Ray Supervisor and Operator*

Chronic Pain Management certification and

other certifications


The clinic does not have x-ray machines. Patients will be referred to nearby x-ray facilities when needed.

Dr. Yoojin Park Clark is a multi-technique/therapy female chiropractor.  Her techniques range from gentle touch non force techniques (such as DNFT and NVD), spring-loaded instrument techniques  (such as Activator and Arthrostim), to traditional (osseous) techniques (such as Diversified and sitted Gonstead).  

Dr. (Park) Clark asks and listens to patient's preferences for patient's comfort.  She enjoys finding the causes of symptoms and providing thorough examinations and treatments.  Her regular treatment/visit includes chiropractic adjustments, whole-body balance, joint mobility and some of various therapies and tools. 

Her whole-body all-joints care is an unique way to bring out the best possible results.  

Dr. (Park) Clark specializes in acute injury care and chronic pain and tension management for infants, children, the elderly, the pregnant and the hard working.  

In addition, as a former high school Field athlete, she also specializes in sport ergonomic and sport injury rehabilitation.


Please consult with your primary physician before begin any treatment.

Dr. Park and Dr. Park Clark are sisters. Several decades ago they arrived in California as international students from Kang-Nam, Seoul Korea.  When they grew up, they were influenced greatly by their grandmother who had the gift of healing. Their grandmother, Mrs. Jun, a Presbyterian Christian, prayed for the sick when people and animals all over her country, South Korea, came for healing.  Mrs. Jun's humble devout life and volunteerism inspired them greatly.  

They enjoy spending time with family and participate in church activities.  They support charities such as Compassion International and St. Vincent De Paul.