Our Treatments

We focus on quality of care and results.

Insurance organizations and our patients praise our doctors' care and excellent patient recovery time and results. 


Patients come for treatments from all over the Bay Areas, the San Francisco peninsula and the South Bay areas such as Danville, Sunnyvale, Daly City, San Francisco, Fremont, San Leandro, San Ramon, Dublin, Alameda, Oakland, Castro Valley, Pleasanton, San Jose, Palo Alto, etc. 


Patients can have an option to have both acupuncture and chiropractic treatments in the same visit.

All treatments are done in private rooms for patient's privacy.


Acupuncture initial Visit consists of consultation, examination and the first acupuncture treatment.  Dr. Park's regular treatment visit includes acupuncture treatment (traditional, electro-acupuncture or both) and two or more adjunctive therapies - additional fees may be required.  She may recommend Herbal, nutritional and lifestyle modification, stretch recommendations and/or seeing to a specialist as appropriate.  


Dr. Yooyuen Park, a female california licensed acupuncturist and doctor of philosophy in Oriental Medicine, utilizes all the beneficial methods and tools listed below and more...

  • Traditional and Modern Noninvasive Acupuncture - Electro-acupuncture, No needle Acupuncture and Acupressure, etc.

  • Facial, Auricular (Ear), Hand Acupuncture and Acupressure

  • Pain management - Acute and Chronic, Muscle Spasm, Tendinitis, Stress/ Tension, etc.

  • Intensive Injury Recovery Program for personal, automobile and work accidents

  • Infant, Pediatric and Geriatric Care

  • Fertility and Women's Health MenopausalPrenatal and Postpartum Care and Men's Health Acupuncture

  • Allergy Care and Seasonal Illness Care

  • Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attack Care

  • After Stroke, Tremor, Facial palsy Care and more

  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Modification Recommendation

  • Substance Dependence/ Eating Disorder Program

  • Modern Physical Therapy Modalities and equipments

  • What makes our acupuncture treatment stands out?  In addition to our caring doctor, we use/offer ...

    • In addition to our Basic acupuncture care, we offer comprehensive Multi-therapy care for better, faster results - acupuncture treatment with various physical therapy modalities and/or adjunctive therapies. (Additional fees apply.)

    • Certified Clean Needle Technique -High Quality Disposable Needles - Painless, Sterile, single-use needles 

    • Sani-wipe clean and spray after each patient's treatment

    • Fully Electrically Operated Hi-Lo Elevation Tables for patient's safety

    • Private treatment rooms ​for patient's privacy and comfort

    • Special rates available for patients with no insurance coverage or minimum coverage (Some restrictions apply.  Not available for automobile injury patients.)

Please note that we do not guarantee any positive results. Results can be varied by patients.

“ I had neck and shoulder pain and numbness and weakness of my hands.  My MRI showed that I have degenerative joint disease.  I came for chiropractic and acupuncture treatments and got better.  I never thought that I could be pain-free.  I even told my medical doctors about Dr. Park and Dr. Clark. Thank you very much. " -F. A.- 


“ I had depression and anxiety attacks. After just few treatments I do not have anxiety attacks any more! I have told my friends taking medications about Dr. Park." –K.L.-



Chiropractic initial visit consists of complete spinal and orthopedic examination in the areas of complaints and the first chiropractic treatment. The doctor's regular treatment visit includes chiropractic adjustments and two or more adjunctive therapies - additional fees may be required.  She may recommend ergonomic, nutritional and strengthening/ stretch recommendations and/or seeing to a specialist as appropriate.


Dr. Yoojin Park Clark, a female California licensed chiropractic physician, carefully and thoroughly exams and detects problems, subluxations or misalignment in your body as well as overall balance, integrity and health.  Then, the abnormalities - that cause weakness, discomfort, tension, pain, abnormal motions, bad posture or nerve interference throughout the body – are re-conditioned, re-balanced or adjusted skillfully by the doctor.  Dr. Clark utilizes many techniques and can customize her methods and tools in treatments for patient's needs and comfort.

  • Traditional and non-invasive Chiropractic Care  for all ages for Full Spine, Pelvis, Extremities, Cranial, TMJ, System and Organ Care

  • Many Chiropractic Techniques - classic, non invasive, gentle and ultra gentle

  • Complete Spinal and Orthopedic Examinations and Evaluations

  • Multi-directional Precise Adjustments

  • Acute and Chronic Pain management, Muscle Spasm, Tendinitis and Tension Care

  • Intensive Injury Recovery Program - for personal, automobile and work accidents and injuries

  • Ergonomic and Posture Education

  • Sport Injury care and Sport Ergonomic Consultations

  • Strengthening, Stretch and Exercise Recommendations

  • Infant, Pediatric, Geriatric, Prenatal and Postpartum care

  • Post surgery and post procedure care

  • Total body balance alignment

  • Substance Dependence/ Eating Disorder Program (self-help, outpatient only)

  • ​Orthopedic taping methods and supportive belts and cushions

  • Modern physical therapy modalities and equipment

  • What makes our chiropractic treatment stands out? in addition to our caring doctor...

    • Basic Care and Attentive multi-therapy care are available for better, faster results - chiropractic treatment with various physical Therapy modalities and/or adjunctive therapies. (Additional fees apply.)

    • All joint and whole-body care and Total "Body Balance" care

    • Gentle and Ultra gentle techniques available

    • ​​Fully Electrically Operated Hi-Lo Elevation Tables for patient's safety

    • Sani-wipe clean and spray after each patient's treatment

    • Private treatment room for patient's privacy and comfort

    • Special rates offered for patients with no insurance coverage or minimum coverage. (Some restrictions apply.  Not available for automobile injury patients.)

 * Notice: We do not claim that we treat or heal specific diseases or illnesses.  Please consult with your general physician before begin any treatment.

“I had bad acne and acne scars.  Dr. Park treated me.  My skin became smoother and clearer.  I’m very happy with the result. " –P.Y.


“ I drive over 45 minutes to see Dr. Park and Dr. Clark.  Their treatments are not like other doctors' treatments."  –J.L.-


“ I had a car accident on the freeway and I saw the doctors for my neck and back pain.  Their treatment program was very thorough.  I was very grateful that I was at the right place.  I recommend them highly to everyone.” - C. S -


“ I had this low back pain that ran down to my leg. I came to see Dr. Park and Dr. Clark because I was told by my friend that they are gifted with the healing touch.  After few treatments, the pain was gone.” - M. S. -

Advanced Skin Care

Dr. Park, Yooyuen, PH. D., L Ac. & L. E. combines the best of the following three for natural results, 1) medical grade or advanced skin treatments, 2) relaxing facial treatments 3) holistic healing acupressure.  Her patients say that her treatments are one of the best experiences that they've ever had.  

Our Skin Care promotes Natural Healthy Youthful Skin and Looks by using safe, advanced and effective methods.  In addition to what your skin needs, any imbalance that may be responsible for your skin condition is examined by Dr. Park.  She specializes in Acne and Mature Skin Care.  Only quality professional products are used in all her treatments.  All skin care treatments include our exclusive relaxation treatment.  

All professional products are made in U. S. A.

Please call for rates. Skin Care Treatments are not covered by health insurances.  Pre-paid Plans are available.



    Dr. Park utilizes the advanced medical-grade microdermabrasion equipment used by the University of California skin clinic .  This advanced equipment is less harsh and more effective than other older microdermabrasions without leaving any residue in the skin after the treatments. For all skin conditions.  The advanced medical-grade microdermabrasion equipment and serums are made in U. S. A.


Advanced Gentle Peels 

   Theses sensitive skin proof adjustable strength Leave-In Peel Treatments are gentle enough for sensitive skin and mature skin as well as acne skin. This treatment can be combined with microdermabrasion for optimal results.


Oxygen Assisted Lifts and Fills

   This exclusive skin care treatment is a natural alternative to medical filler injections for natural youthful radiant looks in an instant. The equipment is made in Germany.


General Custom Facials

   Multi-layered facials are specifically customized for your skin for all skin types.  Facial and hand acupressure is included with any facial.  All skin care treatments include our exclusive relaxation treatment.


Facial Acupuncture and Acupressure

   Facial Acupressure is precisely applied for toning, lifting and healing effects by Dr. Park.  Facial acupressure is included with any skin care treatment above.  Facial Acupuncture (facial needle acupuncture and/or electro-acupuncture) can be combined with any treatment above for an additional charge.


Acne Scars and Severe Acne Program*

   Especially designed program to help clear and smooth acne scars and severe acne skin. Customized Combination of several treatment methods in each treatment visit to improve acne scars and severe acne skin.  5 to 10 visit plan available.


Mature Skin Firm and Lift Program*

Especially designed program to help mature skin. Customized Combination of several treatment methods in each treatment visit to improve mature skin.  5 to 10 visit plan available.


Authentic Professional Skin Care Products are available.

“wow,” I felt wonderful after the skin treatment.  She is not only treated my skin problem, but also made me so relax”. —N.C.-


Other Treatments and Programs*

Neurovascular Dynamics (N. V. D.)* - Chiropractic Treatment for organs, pain and relaxation.

NVD is an ultra-gentle chiropractic technique that treats the vasomotor nervous system of the body.  NVD was developed by Dr. Terrence Bennett, a San Francisco chiropractor, in 1930's.  NVD releases the tension of organs and/or system by contacting certain reflex points that influence the nerve and blood supply.  NVD helps restore the health and physiology of organs, system and the body.  NVD can be beneficial for patients with organ and digestive problems, pelvic and abdominal pain, nervousness, post-trauma symptoms, persistant spinal and/or body pain or tension.  

This program is not covered by health plans.  Special rates apply.  Please call for rates and pre-paid plans.

Eating Disorder Program*

Through evaluations of many aspects of patient's condition, our exclusive program can help patients start the healthier and happier life. The combination of chiropractic, acupuncture and/or acupressure, adjunctive therapies and nutritional therapy are used.  

6 and 10 visit Plans are available. This program is not covered by health plans.  For the optimal result, concurrent counseling sessions are recommended. (not offered by our center)

Substance/ Food Dependent Program* (SDP)

Self-help outpatient program, SDP is for those who seriously want to quit. Noninvasive chiropractic treatment, Acupuncture, nutritional therapy, microcurrent therapy and more are included in the program.  

6 and 10 visit Plans are available. This program is not covered by health plans. For the optimal result, concurrent counseling sessions are recommended. (not offered by our center)

Please inquire about our other programs.


* Notice: We do not claim that we treat or heal specific diseases or illnesses.  Please consult with your general physician before begin any treatment.



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